Hello *,

I have installed SlimControl 1.52 (including registring and adding a key).

When I start the app, it starts searching for the server.
And finds it to... :-)

After that it stays quite with the message "Waiting for server status".
Even when there are one or more players active.
However, with the PDA, I can access the web interface on the SqueezeServer. So there is no connectivity issue.

I'm using an i-Paq model HX4700 with WM 6.1.
On the server site there is SqueezeServer 7.6.1 based on Win2k3.

When running SqueezeSlave on the computers in the network, I can play and hear the music. Syncing all players works fine.

Where do I start for troubleshooting this?
Or even better - anyone the has experienced this too? And solved it?

Grtz - Will