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    "Missing firmware" and "SqueezeCenter cannot download software"

    NetGear NAS
    SqueezeCenter 7.2
    Remote fw: 7.2r3191 Oct.22 13:37:05 PDT2008
    Receiver fw: 60

    Message displayed on the Controller (translated to English): "Inbuilt machine ware is missed. Server can not connect to internet and get the inbuilt software from the player".

    Internet radio works, so the statement that the server can not connect to the internet seems wrong.

    Would this type of message be displayed on the Controller if SqueezeCenter could not download new firmware for the Controller? Or if it thought it was not connected?
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    Squeezebox Controller (fw r6038) + Squeezebox Receiver (fw 62) + 1TB fileserver, Windows XP SP3, running SqueezeCenter 7.3.4

    Download SC 7.3.4 from here: http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nightly/?ver=7.3

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