Thanks.... I went into Server Settings-Filetypes, and clicked the checkbox
next to:

File Format: Apple AAC, Lossless or Movie File
Stream Format: MP3
Decoder: mov123/lame

Now it works fine via the stream.mp3.

Note: I didn't move lame.exe to the directory MSWin32x86-multi-thread under
bin as per your note, but it works anyway.

Just a side note, the documentation that Dean pointed me to
( is confusing for two

1) It implies that I need to install LAME to play AAC files via the
Squeezebox. This is not the case, I was playing AAC files just fine through
my squeezebox before installing LAME.

2) The section entitled "Is it possible to stream from SlimServer to my
computer using MP3 player software like WinAmp or iTunes?" should mention
this restriction for playing AAC files (ie. LAME must be installed and the
checkbox in Server Settings-Filetypes must be checked)

Thanks again!

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if you go into server settings, additional, file types, make sure the mov ->
mp3 conversion is checked (enabled). Then look in the player settings for
bitrate limiting and make sure that the description says lame has been

lame.exe needs to be placed in the architecture directory UNDER bin
appropriate for your system.

Quoting Chris Odd <chrisodd (AT) rogers (DOT) com>:

> Erm.
> OK, I followed the instructions on that page you referred me to.
> Downloaded LAME 3.96,
> Put lame.exe in the SlimServer's bin directory (as well as lame_enc.dll...
> Not sure if that's needed but what the hell).
> Stopped SlimServer and restarted it (made sure both Slim.exe and
> SlimServer.exe were not running before restarting).
> Same symptoms: as before, the AAC's play fine on the Squeezebox but it
> skips them when trying to stream them via stream.mp3.
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> In order to play back AAC files on an MP3 player you'll need to
> install
> the LAME mp3 encoder.
> Some info here about installing LAME:
> On May 25, 2004, at 6:17 PM, Chris Odd wrote:
> > I'm using SlimServer to stream music to both my Squeezebox and to
> > another PC in the house (via
> >
> >
> > All has been working well using MP3's. I added some AAC files to my
> > collection yesterday, and while they play just fine over the
> > squeezebox, they DON'T play correctly to the other PC.
> >
> > Here's what happens:
> >
> > I create a playlist, let's say:
> >
> > MP3 Song 1
> > MP3 Song 2
> > AAC Song 3
> > AAC Song 4
> > MP3 Song 5
> >
> > When this playlist is played on the squeezebox, it plays each song
> > in
> > succession, as it should.
> >
> > When this playlist is played via stream.mp3, it plays MP3 Song 1,
> > then MP3 Song2, then skips to MP3 Song 5. When viewing the
> > "currently playing" stuff
> > via the browser, it's consistent with what is being played (ie. it
> > skips
> > from MP3 Song 2 to MP3 Song 5 too).
> >
> > Is there some restriction I'm unaware of, or is this a bug?
> >
> > I'm using the nightly from 05/23.
> >
> >
> >
> >