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    Excessive memory usage SC 7.4

    SqueezeCenter 7.4 uses 152MB of memory on W2K3-Server.
    Is this correct?
    It seems to me a little bit too high! Twonky uses only 2x~14MB.

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    Yeah thats about right.

    That does include MySQL too though.

    SqueezeCenter actually does a lot more than Twonky in a lot of respects.

    [Project Log] Funkstars Digital Lifestyle - HEXUS.Community

    In use: 1x Touch, 1x Boom, 2x SB3, 1x Controller
    In a box: 1x Radio, 1x (Beta) Controller, 1x Receiver, 1x SB2 wired (silver), 1x SB (black), 1x SliMP3 (with rear shield)

    If you have any others, let me know, I'm interested!!

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    Thanks for the info!

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