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    Quote Originally Posted by Locuth View Post
    Thanks for the praise :-)

    To be honest - I don't know yet.
    Porting SlimCtrl to win phone 7 requires a considerable investment.
    (new programming environment and time)
    And the download rate does not quite motivate this step.

    On the other hand I love the feedback from - and the dialogue with you guys.
    I will check out what it takes to port to win phone 7 and make a decision towards the end of the year.

    *post encouragements here*

    Hi Sebastian,

    I'm loving my new HTC HD7 and would definitely find a SlimControl Windows Phone 7 app very useful and I'd be more than happy to donate or pay for it.Great work with the app by the way - I might try get an old WinMobile phone and see if I can get this working without a SIM card installed - might help me enter names for Spotify searches in the interim.

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    Hi there

    Unfortunately microsoft offers no c++ programming interface for mobile 7 phones. I would have to port everything to managed C# or Silverlight.

    I'll be exploring those options a little more and let you know if there are any news.

    BTW - there is a new release on my homepage inluding
    - support for spotify artwork (thanks a lot to Stoker!)
    - improved cover download from Amazon.

    Good night
    Use your PDA/Phone as SqueezeBox remote -- http://sc.sciatec.de

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