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    Question Can I use controller to read scanned booklets ?

    Hi all !

    I am a long-time owner of 2 SB3, and I am thinking about buying controller,

    I was wondering if I scan booklet of CD ( I have a lot of classical CDs) into .txt file, can I access and read the booklet on controller screen.


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    No and yes. If you OCR-scan, the resulting text file cannot be displayed. But you can put the text file (or the relevant part of it) in the tags of the tracks. In Flac-files, put the text in the tag LYRICS. The content of these tags can be read on the Controller via the Lyrics entry on the track page.


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    Thanks for the reply and suggestions

    Hi Teus !

    Thanks for you reply. It is indeed a solution, but I hope in the future, Slim can put .txt reader (hell, may be a even "lite" pdf one), so it will be possible to have both music and booklet entirely in accessible digitally. Well. it might require bigger screen :-) , so we are speaking about Controller 2G.

    Meanwhile, I am also thinking about Ipod touch as a remote. if it's jailbreaked, there are ftp clients/pdf readers available, so it can be used as a remote/reader and price is comparable with controller.

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