Actually clearing the cache didn't do anything... It is now not showing the
artist/album counts at all (this is with the fishbone skin) it simply says
that it is still scanning... And scanning ... And scanning.

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Subject: [slim] Couple of bugs discovered in 5/19 nightly

Quoting Kenneth Watt <kwatt (AT) funkycool (DOT)>:

> > After scanning my music library Slimserver says that I have 55
> > albums 4200 tracks in 40 albums. Something here is pretty goofed
> > up, as the library does all appear to be there.

> Yes, I have exactly the same issue here, the reported
> album/artist/track count is incorrect.

I'm more confused about the "albums" appearing twice...where is this?
the counts themselves can be different depending on any file types you have.
If you click "wipe cache" in teh performance settings, do the counts appear
differently, better or worse?

> > I looked at the player settings and noticed that bitrate limiting
> > was set to 64kbps on the slimp3. I changed this to 320kbps and now
> > it appears to be working fine.

> Mine is also set to 320kbps.

the 64k setting is probably left over from an old bug in an earlier nightly.
320 should be the default for all but wired squeezebox, and should perform
May 20 nightly adds a bit more feedback on whether or not the LAME binary is
found, or causes playback to fail.

> As to the next mail you sent Jason, I also have the same issue there.
> The server has stopped scanning (I think) as the CPU utilisation is
> sitting at 0% but the server still reports that it is scanning the

> Interestingly, the machine has slowed down to a crawl (again) and is
> very slow to respond to almost anything at all.

This issue should now be fixed in CVS, and will appear in the May 20

thanks for the reports.