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    FLAC - sample rate, sample size, bit rate


    A beginner's question to FLAC-ripping:

    I've ripped my cd collection to FLAC in dBpoweramp.

    I've now come in doubt as to whether 'sample rate', 'sample size' and 'bit rate' are variables that has an impact on the audio quality. I can see that my music is ripped with:

    Sample rate: 44.1 kHz
    Sample size: 16 bit
    Bit rate: 1,411 kbps (CD)

    Should I change some settings to achieve better audio quality?

    Audio set-up:
    Squeezebox Duet
    TaraLabs Prism D1 Digital
    Mission DAC5
    Audio Note AN-C
    Holfi Integra
    Oehlbach XXL-6
    Infinity Kappa 6.2i

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    Quote Originally Posted by johan73 View Post
    Should I change some settings to achieve better audio quality?
    Absolutely not.

    That is what the PCM audio is stored as on the CD. Ripping as anything but that is going to either, at best, make the files larger for no reason, or actually degrade the quality depending on how the upsampling is applied.

    You can't add quality to something by increasing the data from a digital source. This is different if we were talking about recording from an analogue source.

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