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    hardflipman - you can run two separate network connections over a single piece of CAT5/6. Only two pairs are used for twisted pair ethernet, and there are four pairs in CAT5/6.
    There are simple "dongles" that convert one-to-two (you'd need one for each end, or you can do it with a pair of punch down blocks if you're using keystone plates and want to keep clutter down. Note that it's an actual separate circuit so you'd need to have an extra port at the router/hub at the far end. Also - you may slow g-bit down a bit doing this (depends on the length of the CAT5/6.

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    Are you sure you can upgrade the SB3 to wireless?

    I have a wired only SB3 & in searching on this forum I was lead to believe by a fairly convincing post that the SB2 wired only units had the mini-pci slot, but the SB3's did not.

    I've not opened mine up to find out since it's sitting next to a WRT54GL that's a client bridge to another building anyways, but in the future it might be nice to upgrade it if possible.

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    I have a wired only SB2 and the mini-PCI slot has not been soldered to the processor board so would be unable to upgrade. I'd always open the thing up to check before buying a card.


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    I purchased my SB3 as "wired-only", but it does have the mini-pci slot on the board.


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