looks promising. according to the help file, there are even methods for
write access to rating and play count. this should allow for integration of
these into slimserver, a feature which has been asked for quite a few times.


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> slashdot :
> http://apple.slashdot.org/apple/04/0....shtml?tid=107
> &tid=141&tid=185&tid=187&tid=188&tid=190&tid=20 1
> "Apple's recent release of an iTunes SDK for Windows provides the
> ability for third party programs, such as WinAmp and Windows Media
> Player, to support the AAC file format. Ars Technica has additional
> commentary. The SDK uses the COM interface and supports
> iTunes 4.5 only."
> Would this ever be any use to us ? I have been trying to
> decide if this
> is going to give us any advantages for intergration
> .martin