Playlists and Music folders are separate. I'll try another nightly soon.


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have you set your playlists folder and yoru music folder as the same
plus, you can also try more recent nightlies to see if the issue has been


Quoting James Dunn <james.dunn (AT) hedgehog-house (DOT)>:

> Hi,
> I have a very strange problem.
> I tried making my iTunes library available on my Linux platform. I copied
> the iTunes XML into my music folder and magically everything to do with
> iTunes burst into life - very impressed. New playlists became available

> the Playlists Folder with an iTunes title - and they worked. However,

> iTunes playlists exist as the last entries at the end of _every_ folder in
> the tree when I use Browse Music Folder.
> They don't appear in any other browse view.
> RH Linux 7.1
> Nightly build of 15 May.
> Cheers,
> James Dunn