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    SB3 and Wake on Lan after real power off


    To start with: Wake on Lan (WOL) is working on my combination of SB3 and Windows XP based Squeezecenter running on a laptop. When the laptop is off or in hibernation and I press the power button or the right arrow, the server wakes up as it should.

    In order to save power, all my audio (and video) equipment is linked to a central power switch with remote control. When turnning power off, the SB3, receiver etc all are off and the laptop goes into hibernation after a short while. When the power is turned on again, the XP server does not start again and there are no settings in the BIOS to make it start on power resume -- does not make much sense on a battery equipped laptop, I guess.

    What I would love to see is that the SB3 sends a WOL packet when it comes back to life after a real power off. The laptop is also used as a video streamer and I would like to save having to manually wake it up using the SB3 remote control.

    I am sure this has worked in the past because I remember the power on message "waking up server" or similar, perhaps with SC v7.1 or so. With the most recent SC v7.3.3 and firmware 125 it does not.

    Any suggestions how to make this work again?

    Thank you,
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    I'm not sure if this applies to your situation or not, but I use a whole-house audio system that cuts the power to all of my equipment, including my SB3, whenever the system shuts down. I am still using software version 6.3 because it has a feature that remembers that a song was playing when the power was cut, and resumes play at the beginning of that song when the system powers up again. This feature disappeared in subsequent versions of the software, forcing me to manually restart my music with the remote or at the computer when I turn my system on. Thus, I am stuck in 6.3 and unable to use many of the features that have been added, including an iPhone remote app. Two years ago, I filed a bug about this issue here: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=4759. It still hasn't been fixed, but I am ever hopeful, and Dean Blacketter recently offered some support that this might be addressed in SC 7.4. I suspect that with more and more people "going green" that total system powerdowns might become more common, making this feature useful to more users. If this feature would help you, please take time to vote for it.

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    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for your support. Your issue is quite different from mine because in your configuration the server is always up and running and only the player(s) are powered off. In my case all devices are powered off and I would like the player to wake the squeezecenter. Turning on the music after re-awakening would be nice to have on top of this.

    Searching around a bit more in the forums and bug tracking it seems to me there are a number of issues related to wake on lan, the various connection options (squeezenetwork and squeezecenter), and the different power configurations of the servers. Some may be due to "the design paradigm of SC is that players are never powered off." and more and more people violating it. On top of that come contradicting requirements, for instance http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11370#c4 wants the opposite behaviour, and that usually ends up in configuration options which cost even more development time.

    Anyway, the situation at the moment seems so complicated that fixing one bug or implementing one feature breaks another.

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