Hi -

We support a bunch of slims on XP/W2K and for what it is worth we have had
good performance and stability on the 4/22/04 nightlie release of 5.1.5

You might want to give it a try (completely uninstall the other versions
before reinstalling).

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Hi Kenneth,

On May 17, 2004, at 11:27 AM, Kenneth Watt wrote:
> Thanks Dean I wasn't having a go as such, I just want to see it sorted.
>> These nightly updates happen even if the software hasn't changed, but
>> since there's active development going on, there are usually bug fixes
>> included every night.

> Ah, I wasn't aware of that it was just the impression it gave was that
> there
> were daily fixes happening.

There are daily fixes happening, hopefully the software is getting
better every day too.

>> Sure, but since the code is the same, there should be no real
>> difference.

> So much for that plan then!

>> Trying hard. Any feedback we get on problems that you are having with
>> the pre-release version helps us make it better for new users.

> Yeah, I've sat watching the server consume the CPU totally on every
> release
> I've tried thus far, which is fine whilst scanning and I accept that,
> but
> once that's complete it just keeps eating resources. The problem is
> that it
> gets to the stage where it's locking the machine up so I can't even see
> what's happening.
> Now for example the machine is just totally unresponsive after an hour
> of
> scanning (there is just short of 100,000 tracks) and it's a reboot job
> to do
> anything at all with it. Well, not a reboot, a press the reset button
> job as
> I can't even get the menu up. :/

Aha, 100,000 tracks? What are the specs of the machine? (How much
memory, CPU?)
Can you bring up the Task Manager and look at the CPU usage and Memory
usage and let me know what you see?
That's a fairly large library, I want to make sure that if there is a
bug we fix it.

>> Thanks for your patience, we'll get it nailed soon.

> I'm sure you will as all the other little problems have been solved in
> the
> past I just worry for new users a lot. Whilst I and many others on
> this list
> may well be able to resolve these issues by either switching to
> another PC
> or another release many out there don't have the knowledge or the
> (dare I
> say this) common sense to do so.

I agree completely.

> I'll go back to 5.1.1 as suggested by Steve and see what that gleans
> and if
> it solves it and let you know.

Ok. If you have time, I'd love for you to try out the latest nightly
and help us figure out what the problem is so we can fix it.