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    Setting up Squeezecenter on Linux - Doesn't Find Music

    I'm trying to get Squeezecenter working on Fedora 10. I've finally got my firewall set to allow it and my permissions set so I can navigate to the music directory from the squeezecenter setup wizard. I've pointed to the music directory but when I open squeezecenter it doesn't find any music, artists or albums.

    Also, after pointing to the music directory the wizard asks me to specify the playlist directory. Is this the directory "Playlists" in /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/Slim/Formats?


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    Maybe this helps

    I also checked the scanner log and it is blank?

    Version: 7.3.2 - 24695 @ Mon Jan 19 16:57:28 PST 2009

    Hostname: localhost.localdomain


    HTTP Port: 9000

    OS: Red Hat - EN - utf8

    Platform: x86_64-linux

    Perl Version: 5.10.0 - x86_64-linux-thread-multi

    MySQL Version: 5.0.67

    Total Players Recognized: 1

    Library Statistics

    Total Tracks: 0

    Total Albums: 0

    Total Artists: 0

    Total Genres: 0

    Total Playing Time: 0:00:00

    Music Scan Details
    Playlist Scan ( of ) Complete 00:00:00

    Database Cleanup #1 (0 of 0) Complete 00:00:00

    Database Cleanup #2 ( of ) Complete 00:00:00

    Database Optimize ( of ) Complete 00:00:00

    ( of )

    ( of )

    ( of )

    ( of )

    ( of )

    ( of )

    ( of )

    SqueezeCenter has finished scanning your music collection.
    Total Time: 00:00:00 (Saturday, March 21, 2009 / 1:23 AM)

    Player Information
    Information on all identified devices connected to SqueezeCenter


    Player Model: boom

    Firmware: 43

    Player IP Address:

    Player MAC Address: 00:04:20:1e:0b:d6

    Wireless Signal Strength: 97%


    Cache Folder
    Preferences Folder
    Plugin Folders
    /var/lib/squeezecenter/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins, /usr/libexec/Plugins, /usr/share/squeezecenter/Plugins
    SqueezeCenter Log File
    SqueezeCenter keeps a log file for all application related activities (Audio Streaming, Infrared, etc) here:
    /var/log/squeezecenter/server.log (100, 500, 1000 lines)

    Scanner Log File
    SqueezeCenter keeps a log file for all scanning related activities, including iTunes & MusicIP here:
    /var/log/squeezecenter/scanner.log (100, 500, 1000 lines)

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    I would recommend running SC on 32 bit Linux not 64 bit. The performance will be the same unless you have more then 6GB of RAM. The playlist folder is where you store your playlist. Just create a folder someplace and set the owner of the folder to squeezecenter so SC can write new playlists to it.

    Also have you ever considered using VortexBox? VortexBox is just Fedora 10 with SC preinstalled and configured. It will save you a lot of time as all this stuff is already working.
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    I think I found the problem. I can now see my music in squeezecenter but I haven't had the opportunity to look with the boom.

    After completing running the wizard I stumbled across one more thing I had to do that should have just been the last step of the wizard.

    After the end of the wizard I get the squeezecenter page where I can select from artist, album, etc. I found I had to click on settings in the lower right corner. At that point a screen opened that showed the paths I had entered to the music and the playlist. Down in the lower right corner again was another button that said apply. I clicked on it and my music was visible after a scan.

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