Greetings Peeps,

Got a problem concerning playlists . using iTunes 4.5 under Windows XP and
SilmServer v2004-05-16.

Within "Server Settings", Slim is set for "Use iTunes" and both "Music
Folder" and "Saved Playlists Folder" point to the correct directory (in
actual fact, the same directory "E:/iTunes")

Within "Additional Server Settings/iTunes", "Find iTunes Library
Automatically" is set to "Specify iTunes Library Locations". "iTunes Music
Library.xml Locations" specifies the correct file and the correct location.
"iTunes Music Folder" is set to the correct directory (duplication of the
setting within "Server Settings")

When I select "Saved Playlists" either on the SqueezeBox or the server, I
get a listing of all the folders in the directory that I specified above and
none of the saved playlists that I have created within iTunes.

Any clues or pointers greatly received.