Hi Community!

I just posted my Question in the German section ( http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=61184 )and jo-wie mentioned that it would be a good idea to put my question also in the English SC section.

I┤m employed as one of the IT staffmembers in a German chancellery. A few weeks ago one of our ceo┤s had new request. He wants to get access to our chancelleries audio dictates and live recording by one of the new streaming clients (standalone system). He also thought that he would love to have a multiroom function ( for him and his assistance simultaneous).

To give you all an idea what data amount we are talking about - the chancellery records and collects ever audio dictates and live recording from internal meetings as a mp3 since 11 years. Now we have totalised about 220 thousand single mp3 files - about 1.2 TB with a constant growing tendency.

Okay after a short research - we all considered that the SqueezeCenter is the Platform - especially if we think about the simultaneous multiroom wish.

So I tried to call Logitech and ask them for their opinion - they said, that this is something than never been tried before. They confirmed that there is no limit for the maximum amount of manageable files for the Squeezecenter. It should only depend on the SC Hardware an the network infrastructure.

Our preferable scenario:
Putting the data on a NAS device - installing the SC direct on that device and attach the Squeezebox clients to that NAS.

We tried something with a Thecus N5200 (don┤t ask - someone had it at one's fingertips). We put nearly 1.1 TB on N5200 (RAID 5 on disk array) - installed the SC.7.32 module from onbeat.dk/thecus.

After the first start of the SC module - the challenge of file scan started. I guess that it took about six hours. We also installed the squeezesoft client to test the access.

After the file scan finished it was not possible to connect with SC from Squeezesoft again. After rebooting the SC didn┤t come up again. -

Okay,...I know - everyone of you starts to mention that the N5200 has only a celeron with 500 MHz and only 512 MB RAM! Not a sudden conclusion with N5200:-)

But at the end are some unanswered questions left!
- Do you think that it┤s possible to handle such a big data amount on NAS device?! We thought that the QNAP TS-809 Pro could be reliable platform?
- What do you think are the important hardware parameters?
IO Throughput?
- Detached from the hardware topic - Do think that the SqueezeCenter is able to handle such a large data capacity?!
- What are your experience in handling large data capacity with SC?
- If you won┤t agree with our NAS idea - what platform would you suggest?!

Thank you for your hints and views.