Peter --

I've just installed a pair of these -- as I was suffering intermittent
signal-loss problems, even with an upgraded antenna on the Squeezebox...
(probably related to the girders supporting the loft, and the plethora of
wireless stuff now running in the house -- e.g. door chimes, telephone,
security system, etc.); and my primary Squeezebox is two floors below my
AirPort base station and my server... -- and they work like a dream!

I've got one in the loft, plugged into my Ethernet switch, and one in the
outlet in the living room, connected to the Squeezebox -- and they took no
time at all to get working (...real 'plug and play' (ahem))! [I'm in the UK
-- so running them over 220/240v.]

Hope this helps...
- $.

Stephen R Ward
<srward (AT) srward (DOT) com>

On 17/5/04 12:14 am, "Peter" <peter (AT) lindmanassociates (DOT) com> wrote:

> Has anyone tried using their Squeezebox with Corinex's Powerline Ethernet
> adaptors? I just saw them for the first time on Dr. Bott's website. The
> product literature claims a 14 Mbps data rate over 110 and 220 home
> powerlines. Here's the link:
> Seems like it would be great for connecting to a Squeeze in areas where
> wireless signal strength is suspect.
> Peter