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    "pdk" folders in Temporary folder

    I don't know exactly if folders named on the scheme "pdk-(username)-xxx", in the "Local Settings\Temp" are due to Squeezecenter.

    These folders - more than 60Mb now - are never deleted and new appears regularly.

    - Is it something to do with Squeezecenter -or not?

    os : xp 64bits
    squeezecenter version : Version: 7.3.2 - 24695
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    - transpoter
    - SqueezeCenter
    - winXP 64bits

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    "pdk" folders in Temporary folder

    > - Is it something to do with Squeezecenter -or not?

    Yes, they're created by squeezecenter.exe when it's extracting it's
    modules. Shut down SC, remove them all, and start again. Newer version
    (7.3.3) should not leave them behind any more.


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