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    "G" or "N" Router?

    Im using a Belkin 54G router, normally everything is ok, I do get some rebuffering, but usually only on the first track of an album.
    However, according to the box the router came in, it implies that for music streaming, an "N" router should be used, especially in older houses with thick walls/doors etc, (mine isnt an old house, so wafer thin walls are de riguer!)
    Is this just the company trying to get us to part with more dosh (as some guys on a hifi forum reckon) or is it actually necessary?

    And guys, can you please take a look at the last post from me in the "Everything looks right, but Transporter wont play" thread please......?
    Im trying to sort the problem I have there, but I need an answer to the last question I put a couple of days back.....Thanks!

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    There have been numerous threads on this subject.

    802.11n Devices

    Best 802.11N Router for Duet

    And the Sean Adams has also written on this subject:

    Wireless performance on mixed networks: answers!

    In short, no, music streaming does not require a 802.11n network, however due to the improvements in the standard, 802.11g devices will benefit from increased rage and signal stability when used with a Pre-N or Draft-N router.

    Remember though, 802.11n hasn't been completely ratified yet, although there are a couple of logo programs (one by Intel) to ensure existing hardware will work together and with future hardware, there isn't 100% guarantees.

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