sotwell wrote:
> Hi, when I first set up my Duet I set it up wireless. I now have a hard
> wired ethernet cable running from the receiver to my router. Still
> using controller wireless. Do I need to make a change in SC to tell it
> to run my receiver wired vs wireless?

No one? Well, I don't have a Duet. But, if consistent w/older SBs, you
should not have to do anything w.r.t. SC. That is, SC identifies the
clients by their MAC. So, even if the IP changes because of this switch
(which is really a function of who ever is dishing out the IP addresses
(your router perhaps?)), SC should still "see" the same client.
Further, I assume the Duet box and the Duet remote appear as 2 different
clients to SC. What the remote is probably doing is presenting commands
to SC w/the box's MAC over the CLI port. That way it looks to SC that
the box is controlling it's self (i.e. it doesn't matter where the
commands come from provided they contain the MAC of the client to be
controlled.). Or, to put it another way, it would be simple for the Duet
remote to control any SC client (old or new) just by changing the MAC in
the commands it sends to SC. However, I don't know if this is a feature
of the Duet remote.

Confused? Not to worry. I think what you are trying should just work.
And if not, post again. I'm sure someone w/a Duet will know why.