>Anyone out there successfully running
>"SlimServer_v2004-04-30.dmg" or "SlimServer_v2004-05-01.dmg"
>on 10.2.8?

>Quoting: Jeff Hershauer jhershauer at Sat May 1 09:58:53

PDT 2004
>I just downloaded and am successfully using v2004-05-01 on OS X 10.3.3.
>It fixed a problem I was having with iTunes 4.5 playlists crashing the


[Thanks Jeff! I have to admit that, unlike previous times,
I did not try on my iBook which runs 10.3.3 (rather than the 10.2.8 on my
before raising the flag ...]

It looks like we could have one of those 10.2.8 compatibility issues again