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    Linux Mint, sc 7.3.1, lame

    I'm trying out linux for the first time, have installed Linux Mint, and am VERY impressed so far. Everything worked straight away, including my skystar2 satellite tv card, which I was not expecting. XP soon to be uninstalled, I think.

    Anyway, squeezecenter is telling me there is no lame installed, so I can't transcode anything to mp3. I need to be able to transcode to mp3 for the squeezebox in my bedroom as the wireless strength is a little on the low side there.

    I was under the impression that Linux Mint came with lots of useful codecs, and indeed it appears that lame is installed - I tried to use synaptic package manager to download lame, but it told me it is already installed.

    How do I make SC see this lame installation? Or do I need to install lame in to a specific SC folder? I have downloaded lame-3-98-2.tar.gz, but don't know which files to extract to where.

    EDIT: mint comes with libmp3lame0 (dynamic library package), I have just installed lame (frontend encoder binary package) from symaptic package manager, everything works ok.
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