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    Duet and SB3 Conflict?

    Good morning

    I've been an SB3 user (groundfloor living room) for quite some time and last week installed a Duet and AE 2's in my upstairs main bedroom. Last night I used the standard SB3 remote downstairs to select some music and instead of music coming through my stereo downstairs, a loud and persistent feedback/hiss came through my Duet setup upstairs. Prior to this the Duet was off, which I confirmed as I rushed upstairs and looked at the controller. Couldn't turn the receiver off other than pulling the plug. After this everthing was working fine and as normal.

    Any ideas as to what happened and how I can prevent it happening in the future?

    Note: the units are synced, so I'm not sure if that would have something to do with it?

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