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    Wonderful! Thanks so much

    I too had been struggling with my Duet and controller. And the thought of finding something usable on Sourceforge that a person of my skills could use was daunting, to say the least. Long story short - I unzipped the .apk file from Sourceforge, installed File Commander on my Samsung phone (Android 8) and copied the apk to a new folder I created in the main memory. A tap on the file brought up the Android prompt to allow installation, and in went Squeeze Config. I put the SB receiver into discovery mode (flashing red light), opened Squeeze Config - and up popped the Receiver on the menu. I merely switched the connection method to LAN, typed in the IP address of the PC running Logitech media server, accepted all the other defaults, and was instantly re-connected. Wonderful! Thanks so much.
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    Analogue: Speakercraft MZC-66 for whole house system
    Logitech Music Server: 7.9.1 running on VortexBox 2.4 (Fedora 23 on an elderly Dell PC)
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    Ethernet: Squeezebox Duet Receiver
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    This was a friggin' lifesaver... or a Receiver lifesaver anyway. Thank you!
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    Workflow for use with Ubuntu 18.04

    I found the following work-flow allowed me to use Net::UDAP on Ubuntu 18.04
    Just posting here "for the record" and maybe it will be helpful to someone else.

    git clone https://github.com/robinbowes/net-udap.git
    cd net-udap
    sudo apt install cpanminus
    sudo cpanm Log::StdLog
    sudo cpanm Term::Shell
    sudo cpanm Class::Accessor
    sudo cpanm IO::Interface::Simple

    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Bowes View Post
    Hi all,

    Net::UDAP is a Perl module to configure the SqueezeBox Receiver (SBR)
    from a PC, i.e. without requiring a SqueezeBox Controller (SBC).

    The project homepage is here:


    Net::UDAP was originally released in June 2008 and there have been no
    significant changes since then. However, I've recently updated the
    documentation so thought I'd post this announcement in case anyone tried
    it previously but got stuck for whatever reason.

    I've also fixed the registration system on the website so it is now
    possible to register, login, and create support tickets. You could even
    go completely crazy and add/improve the doucmenation by editing the wiki!

    Net::UDAP is free software, but allow me to draw your attention to my
    Paypal donnation link:




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