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    Wonderful! Thanks so much

    I too had been struggling with my Duet and controller. And the thought of finding something usable on Sourceforge that a person of my skills could use was daunting, to say the least. Long story short - I unzipped the .apk file from Sourceforge, installed File Commander on my Samsung phone (Android 8) and copied the apk to a new folder I created in the main memory. A tap on the file brought up the Android prompt to allow installation, and in went Squeeze Config. I put the SB receiver into discovery mode (flashing red light), opened Squeeze Config - and up popped the Receiver on the menu. I merely switched the connection method to LAN, typed in the IP address of the PC running Logitech media server, accepted all the other defaults, and was instantly re-connected. Wonderful! Thanks so much.
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    Analogue: Speakercraft MZC-66 for whole house system
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