I cannot stream anymore. I'm very depressed.

What happens is that I can make the connection from work to home and start my browser. Then my music starts.... no problem. In my Windows media player, I get to about 1:20 into the song and the progress bar pops up. After the bar gets to the end (as though it's at the end of a song), it stops. If I try to start it again, it just plays the same song again and I am caught in a streaming loop.

This used to happen a while ago. I would simply delete the player in my settings, and the problem would go away. It's not working anymore.

Coincidentally (or not) the problem started after I replaced my router. If that is the reason, I cannot figure out (because the packets are correctly forwarding to my SqueezeBox's server) what I would have to change.

Thanks for the help,