Good morning and best wishes.

I've just sent following msg to Logitech support, but would appreciate any input from the forum:

I've been using an old, but adequate Squeezebox ("1") for a few years now.
Yesterday I installed Squeezecenter on another laptop, did the usual database building etc.
It worked fine and I was installing/configuring the RSS screensaver.
Then suddenly, I have no indication of cause, the Squeezebox started hanging, with "Slimproto" error (various ones)on its display.
Disconnected the DC plug a few times, errors kept coming back.
Then I got a blank screen, no display at all.
Red Led from optical port still works.
SB does not appear on Squeezecenter (so really no connection).
I tried all kind of reset methods using the remote control (power button, "1" button, left button), and put new batteries in the remote.
Still to no avail.

Opened the box, removed the wireless card, still no luck.

Anything else I can do before declaring the SB dead?
It is an old one - circuit board says 20030915 - but I liked it and needed no other/more functionality than playing music.

Sending in for repair is too costly I presume (I live in Belgium, Europe)?

I would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.

With kind regards,

Jan Van Laethem