I'm pausing the Slimserver. I'm playing back a Musepack file from my
library (Everything Happens To Me, Dave Brubeck (1965), on Angel Eyes) and
let it play for about 30 seconds. If I pause playback from the Slimserver
web interface, then hit play, it restarts the track. I also confirmed that
this also happens with FLAC files as well.

When streaming PCM data, does this happen with a Squeezebox? Wish I had one
to test with.

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On Mar 11, 2004, at 7:44 AM, Reckase, Erik Nathan wrote:

> Good morning, all. I just found that there is an official patch to
> the Musepack decoder to fix the 'retries' issue that we've been
> wrestling with. It also appears that the copyright notice has changed,
> probably for the better. When I get the source, we'll get updated
> decoders.


> I'm curious - when converting to mp3 and using the 'stream.mp3' method
> for
> listening to output, do all formats exhibit the same behaviour when you
> pause playback, that being that the track essentially restarts when you
> un-pause?

Can you be more specific? Are you pausing the MP3 player or the