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    Prelisten song on controller

    I'm wondering if this is possible or still implemented?
    I'm searching many times a song I don't know the name and that's why I like to listen shortly to each song in a specific album. But I don't want to interupt the actual playing stuff - so I want to listen to the song on the controll - which has an implemented speaker.
    Nice would be a feature to listen the specific song on the controller and if it is the right song send them to the playlist or play directly on the choosen player.
    Another feature would be nice - to listen in the whole album - means the controller plays the first 5-10 seconds (could be a thing for settings to keep the time dynamic) of each song in this directory - for sure it must be possible to cancel this if the right song was found.
    What do you think about? Is this already implemented and if not - is it possible to place such wishes somewhere?
    Thank you

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    You can search for it on http://bugs.slimdevices.com then vote for it if it's already in there or add it yourself if it's not.
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