I noticed that the optical output of tp is active whenever the unit is connected to a power source (dc) even if it is powered down.
When it went inactive whenever I powered off the tp and went active again whenever the tp is powered on via the remote or sc7 it would be possible to switch an amp I v2 (maker is Audionet)(could be a power amp that I would consider) on and off as needed.
You get the point?
The amp has an optical input which is only used to decide if a signal is present. When that signal is present the unit is switched on. Without that signal the unit remains silent.
That optical input does NOT transport digital audio but is only a means of switching the device via an other device.
Optical spdif is used to electrically isolate the power amp from the source.
So if any one knows about a way of switching the digital out of transporter on when powering on and off when I use the power off button of my ir remote it would be nice if he shared his knowledge.
I think it wouldn't be a problem if the tp transmitted audio data via that spdif port since the amp only cares about a signal being present. It doesn't care what signal mostlikely.
Thanks and regards