Thanks for the suggestion, but Mixmeister doesn't stream. It's more of a
DJ tool, but I use it primarily to make the digital equivalent of mix
tapes, as well as to create multi-hour mixes for entertaining or for
background music. It does export to .wav and/or windows media, which I
could then stream, but it's time-consuming and would prevent the ability
to pull a playlist together on the fly.

if you're interested, it's at


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Re: [slim] Question - Slimserver / Squeezebox compatability with othermp3
software apps

Can mixmaster stream mp3s? If so, couldn't he set it up like a shoutcast
stream??? I would be convoluted, but it may work. (I
would really love crossfading, but slimserver doesn't "mix".)


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othermp3 software apps

I currently play mp3's via mixmeister (a program that cross-fades / mixes
mp3s, saves playlists, normalizes volume across different
files, and allows exporting into WAV format for burning onto CD). I'm
looking for a way to play playlists I have stored in
mixmeister (in a proprietary mixmeister playlist format - .mmp) on my
stereo, which is in a separate room. I've read through the
archived message boards but have not see anything stating that it will
play with the mixmeister player. I'd also consider switching
players if there are other ones that offer the same cross-fading /
beat-mixing / volume normailization features, but I haven't seen
anything in the $50 price range that mixmeister costs.

Any thoughts / advice?

Thanks in advance, and apologies if I'm off-topic for this forum.