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    Repeated tracks in albums

    When I'm scanning my file system with SqueezeCenter v. 7.2.1 running on a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo I get repeated tracks in some of the albums in my library. When I delete my playlist, the problem is solved. The music files is located in folder c/media/music and the playlists in c/media/playlists.
    Could anybody explain this to me?

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    If the playlist stores drive letter paths but you have designated a UNC path for the SC music folder (or vice-versa), SC will see them as different files. You can usually open the playlist files in a text editor to see how the paths are written.
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    The most likely cause is that formatting of the playlist - particularly the file path to the music files. A playlist is just a list of links to certain of your music files. SC follows the path when scanning and adds all files to the database. However, SC has no way of knowing when two different paths are given to the same file, that it is the same file, so will add them twice.

    Open up the offending playlist with a text editor like Editpad or Notepad. Is the path to your files "c/media/music/song" (as it is for the Music Library) or is it something different like "G:/music/song" or "//media/music/song"?

    If so, do a find and replace so that the path to the files in your playlists is the same as the Music Library path in SC and save. Then do a full clear and rescan. Hopefully this will sort your problem.
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    Thank You MeSue and Siduhe for saving my day! Your instructions clearly pointed out the cause of the problem. The links or paths in the playlists all had the format "/c/media/music/..." and changing this to "/media/music/..." solved the problem.
    Thanks again!

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