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    Question Can I Connect The Squeezebox Duet To A Equalizer?

    Am I Able To Hook Up My Squeezebox To A Eq? And How Would I Connect The Eq To My Amp

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    Well of course ?

    You take the output from the receiver to the input on the Eq and then the output from the Eq to the input that you have had the for the SqueezeBox in the first place ?
    Assuming and old fashion analog Eq.

    Clarification if you are confused, the only input that is different on most amps is the phono input, aux cd tuner,whatever are the same line level,
    they just have different names to go with selector on the amp.

    You have other options to.

    Put an analog Eq in the tape loop of your integrated amp, then you can Eq everything (not only SB) press tape monitor when listening Eq'd.

    Also most interesting if you have a more modern amp with digital inputs, then you can use them.

    There is digital Eq's ! then you put the SBR's digital output to the Eq and it's output to the amp.
    Pros with digital: processing can be transparent no added distorsion and noice.
    Cons: You want to have fixed output at 100% volume on the SqueezeBox, to not lose anything in the process, then you have to controll volume with your Amp

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