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    Various artists is empty?

    Hello, I have this weird problem with various artists albums. There are not showing up under the 'various artists'.. it shows 'empty' on the controller. Though in fact I have around 15 albums with various artists as artist.

    I have already played around with the options under music collection, but nothing seems to make any difference. Using 7.3.1.

    In WMP an album has the artistname 'various artist' under the artist name (next to the albumart) and under 'cooperating artist' there are all sorts of artists names.

    How by the way does the squeezecenter know that it is a various artist album? Because if change the artist title to 'various' it would still see it as 'various artists' and show it like that under the albums view on the controller..

    thnx for any replies.

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    I guess you're browsing artist - various artists (top entry in artists list) on the controller?
    Can you check if you have another various artists entry under 'V' where all the missing albums are listed?

    The top entry 'various artists' in the artist list is where SC lists albums recognized as compilations. The title of this entry can be changed to whatever you like.

    If you have an entry 'various artists' under 'V' this means that SC wasn't able to recognize them as compilations. The most likely cause is that the ALBUMARTIST field is set to 'various artists' on those albums.
    If an album artist is set SC lists the album under that artist.

    If you change the tags of your files you need to do a rescan in SC to pick up the changes. Do scan for new and changed files if your tagging software updates the file's modification timestamp. If your tagger leaves the timestamp as is you will need a complete rescan to see the changes.


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    The most likely cause is that the ALBUMARTIST field is set to 'various artists' on those albums.
    This is very likely. If you have an Album Artist called "Various Artists", which matches the name that SC defines for it's automatic compilation detection, it will not be visible when you click on Artists > Various Artists.

    The reason for this is that the special "Various Artists" is a placeholder name for any album that is a Compilation, and by setting an Album Artist name to this special placeholder name, it is not automatically seen as being a compilation album, so it will not be listed within "Various Artists".

    There are several things you can do:

    1. In the settings, change the name used for displaying compilation albums from "Various Artists" to something else. You should then see a "Various Artists" artist name, sorted under V (rather than at the top of the artists list).

    2. Add compilation tags to your various artists albums (i.e. to each song that is part of a compilation).

    3. If you are using mp3 tags, beware that other apps misuse BAND (called the TPE2 id3 frame) to store Album Artist. If you have configured the setting for TPE2 in SC to mean ALBUMARTIST, you could change this back to mean BAND, and instead add a custom tag called "ALBUMARTIST" for the cases when you really do need an album artist on an album. You can keep "Various Artists" in the BAND tag, so other apps will still work.

    If you primarily use SqueezeCenter and don't use other apps that are less capable:

    4. Remove the "Album Artist" tag for compilation albums. Compilation albums will automatically be discovered by the scanner and listed correctly, which may have other benefits in the long run.

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    Hey there, thanks for the excellent explanation so far. I have to say I find it difficult to understand the difference between artist and album-artist. I have not yet found a solution to make the various artist work, let me explain some more on the situation:

    I'm dutch so 'Various Artist' means 'Diverse Artiesten' in my language. Now I have say 15 albums that are compilations. I use WMP 11 to make all my tags correct. For those 15 albums I have changed the 'artist' field right next to the albumart in WMP to 'Diverse Artiesten'. Did I change the 'artist' or 'albumartist' with that field?

    Then in settings I told Squeezecenter to compile collection albums. And indeed the standard name that is used to list those is 'Diverse Artiesten'. So that is where it probably goes wrong. Now I changed that name once to 'Various Artists' just to see what happens. That time I got indeed at the top of my artist list in the SC an artist called 'various artists'. Under that artist where all sorts of albums listed, many more than the 15 I really have as 'Diverse Artiesten'. So you could conclude that since I am using 'album-artist' tags, Squeezecenter is getting confused while scanning for collection albums.

    Wouldn't be the best solution to switch off the setting for scanning for collection albums in Squeezecenter? Then only the albums that I have edited myself to 'Diverse Artiesten' would be listed under 'Diverse Artiesten'. Or would that still interfere with the placeholder 'Diverse Artiesten', meaning I have to change that as well..

    Hope I made it clear in my not so good English

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    Allright I fixed it, listen up:

    I have checked the tags from the mp3files that are from 'Diverse Artiesten'. This information is saved as 'Album-artist'. Now I have just made 2 adjustments to the settings in squeezecenter.

    I have set the first option to show collectionalbums on individual artists (not collecting them) (I have to translate this, since it is dutch on my side).
    I have changed the default name for collection from 'Diverse Artiesten' to 'Various Artist'.

    Although after scanning the library again it still displayed:

    "Diverse artiesten samenvoegen (287 van 287) Voltooien 00:00:18"

    Now the artist>Diverse Artist shows the 15 albums.

    woohey, thanks for the input here..

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