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    Unhappy HELP ! Scanner issues !

    Please god someone help me ! The squeezecenter scanner is driving me insane ! as you all know a few times a day the scanner runs to look for new music however somehow mine firstly looks to my :G drive which is a slot in my machine for an xd memory card which is most often empty ! If there is no card in there when the scanner is trying to run the error message NO DISK pops up and you have to click it about 30 times to get rid of it and cancell the scan ! or just wang an xd card in the slot 2 shut the dam thing up !! please can someone tell me how to stop squeezecenter looking for the :g drive or any memory cards so i can get some freakin peace !! logitech support have been no help so far ! please please please help me ????

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    SC's scanner does not run several times a day. By default, it only runs once at setup and then when you manually tell it to, unless you go into the rescan plugin and set it to do a daily scan and then it is only once every 24 hours.

    Also, Squeezecenter will only look at the 2 folders you have specified for music library folder and playlist folder in the first page of Squeezecenter settings. If you don't have the G drive specified there, then I don't see how it could be SC trying to access that drive.

    I would check those two folders and make sure neither folder contains any shortcuts to the G drive and make sure none of your playlists (if you have any) reference the G drive.
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    Squeezecenter will also do an automatic rescan if you are using iTunes or MIP integration and it detects changes in your .xml file or cache. Are you using either of these? If so, disable the reload interval in iTunes settings or MIP settings by changing it to 0 (from 3600).

    As Sue says, the most likely reason it's checking the G:/ drive is you have some kind of shortcut in your Music Library folder to it or a playlist which references that drive.
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    Wink Awesome Thank You !!

    Thank you guys soo much !! Hidden deep inside my music folder was a shortcut to a file on the G: so deleted it now and everything is well.
    Many thanks

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    many things can trigger an automatic rescan.

    it would be nice if slim somehow indicated visually which options do that.

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