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    Question about remotes SB1/SB2/boom

    I just recently jumped on the Squeezebox bandwagon, bought 2 Duets and a Boom, extremely impressed with these.

    I also purchased 2 older SBGs on eBay for less critical applications and alas they didn't come with remote controls. Upon power up, they prompt me to press "->" but obviously I can't.

    I programmed my Harmony 880 for "Squeezebox", noting that there were several choices for Squeezebox models in the setup, but I can't get the Harmony to control the SBG. I noticed that this same Harmony will now control my Boom, so one or more of the below must be true:

    - the IR codes the same across the SB1/SBG/SB2/...Boom product range. If anyone has an SB1/SBG and a Boom, I am hoping you can confirm this for me.

    - the Harmony listing for "Squeezebox" device refers to newer Squeezeboxes, but not my SB1/SBG. Has anyone out there used a Harmony to control an SB1/SBG?

    - the SBGs I bought have defective IR receivers (hard to imagine both would be)

    Thoughts/advice appreciated.

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    There have been a couple of different remote revisions, although they are not that different, I think only a couple of buttons changed.

    Try setting your Harmony to a JVC DVD player, this is what SlimDevices used with a universal remote before they built their own one.

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    The Boom remote has a little directional pad, pressing right is equivalent to pressing "->" on the old Slim Devices remote.

    The main problem is going to be the BRIGHTNESS button, neither the Boom remote nor the SBC has this functionality. On the SB2/SB3, it was required for firmware updates unless the "automatically upgrade firmware" box in SC was checked. I'm not sure if the SB1 required the BRIGHTNESS button to update firmware, and the SB1 has been at the same firmware for a number of years now. Officially Logitech will not be updating the SB1 firmware again.

    Using a JVC DVD player code set won't get you a BRIGHTNESS button either, unfortunately, so if you really need this, you may have to get a replacement remote from the Logitech site.
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