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    Confused: Squeezebox Duet

    My first post!!! Purchased the Squeezebox Duet yesterday - after tinkering a bit with my network its now up and running...
    My network is ADSL (router: Zyxel, running DHCP) and a D-LINK wireless router acting as AP with powerline net plugged into LAN ports on D-LINK router.
    My webserver is hooked to the powerline part, and also running Squeezecenter 7.2.1 for my music collection... Squeezebox player is hooked to the powerline part...
    Running wireless is my laptop and the controller for the Squeezebox.

    Just noticed, that the Squeezecenter under settings/status states that wireless strength for the player is 25% - but the player is supposed to run on the wired network. How do i force it to do so???


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    Use this software http://projects.robinbowes.com/trac/Net-UDAP. It gives you the possibility to make the receiver use a wired network without reconfigure the Duet.

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    Hildebrandt if what Kuben suggests isn't right for you then you will need to set up the receiver again. Make sure that you have the LAN plugged in to the receiver before you try setting it up, it only gives you the LAN options if it detects an ethernet network during setup.

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    Will try kubens suggestion ASAP...
    Thx guys...

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    If that doesn't work out, it is quite easy to reconfigure the SBR. All you need to do is perform a factory reset on the player by pressing the front button (the light) for 10 seconds or so. When you let go, it will flash red. Standing in front of it with your controller, go into the player selection part of the menu. Eventually, the player will show up listed with a name consiting of numbers. These numbers represent part of the MAC of the player.

    Go through the setup.

    When you do this, make sure the LAN cable is plugged into the SBR.

    The player setup is much simpler than the initial full duet configuration. The initial config sets up both the controller and player; here you are only setting up the player which is much simpler.
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    Ok - Kuben72s link didn't work for me, so i've reset the reciever...
    going through the menu i press the button on the reciever so it blinks red... then i can see the reciever from the remote, chosses ethernet when the option to do so appears... after a short time the button goes green (=waiting for IP from DHCP) and then Blue...
    Now it should be fine - except the remote states there's problems with the configuration, and wants me to try again...
    Squeecenter cannot see the squeexebox reciever...

    My dhcp server (on my Zyxel P-2602R-D1A) is set to give fixed IP adress according to MAC adress... It states that an IP address has been issued to both remote and reciever...

    I'm confused...

    I've been thinking - is the MAC adress for the wireless and the ethernet on the reciever identical??? Only one is stated on the reciever....

    I hope you guys can help me here....

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    Ok... This is interesting.... I entered the configuration for my wireless router (that acts only as AP) and blocked the MAC adress from the reciever... And tried everything again... everything happened as described above - blinking red -> green -> blue (=has been assigned IP adress) and STILL the remote claims problems setting up the reciever and STILL squeezecenter claims the reciever is not on... And the DHCP server says that the IP has been assigned to the squeezebox...

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    Hmmm... Third try did it - now white light on reciever, and Squeezecenter doesn't mention anything about wireless...
    Funny - but now it works...

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    Glad to hear it works now go enjoy it

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