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    Question New owner: Duet & Linkstation Pro NAS - SlimServer or SqueezeCenter?

    I've got a Duet on its way from Amazon and wanted to get things ready for when it arrives in a few days...

    I specifically want to install the server software on my Buffalo LS-1000GL, a terabyte LinkStation Pro NAS (Firmware 1.15) so that I can play music when my computer's off. (I don't want to use the MP3tunes music locker service)

    So -

    I've read Mark Field's 'Installing SlimServer on a LinkStation' [http://fieldnetworks.com/slim/linkstation.html] and am positive I can handle the instructions. (Although should I worry that they're a couple of years old?)

    I've also read through Farallon's 'Step-by-step Installation of SqueezeCenter 7 on a LinkStation Pro' [http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=46005] and am pretty sure I wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting past the first few phases without bricking my linkstation :\

    ??? My question is... what are the advantages of running SqueezeCenter? Will the Duet work if I install SlimServer 6.1.1? What features will I miss out on? (I can live without internet radio as long as I can stream my own music files)

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated
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