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    This is odd because you have at least two problems.
    1. your squeezebox, I'm assuming you mean a receiver from your description, because on a receiver the slow flashing red means it is waiting to set up. Therefore it has lost it's config.

    2. Your SqueezeCenter because you can't connect to it on the same box it is installed on using the 127 address.

    Did you have a power surge/brownout at the time?

    As ST2000 suggest I'd try a reboot and possibly a deinstall/reinstall of SC. Certainly check to see that both SC and MySQL are running and if you installed them as a service that both services are started.

    It also sounds like you need to dig out your controller and re-configure the receiver.

    As he often is mvalera is probably right here it would be worth logging a help request as you will get more focussed and quick response.

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    Hi All

    Well I still dont know what went wrong but having followed the advice on this thread I have the beast back up and running. A big thanks for all your help



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