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    Need to Reconfigure After Shutdown?

    I have been using my SqueezeBox Duo for a day, it operates fine until I turn off the wireless network. When I turn it back on, the controller and player forget what they're supposed to do.

    If I leave the player and controller on when I turn the network off, after turning the network back on again, everything SEEMS okay. I can control the server. The time elapsed on the songs progress as if the song is playing. The white light on the player is bright. One problem: no music comes from the stereo.

    If I turn the player and controller off before turning the network off, the player comes up with a blue lights and the controller searches for the network, but cannot find it.

    To get everything working again, I have to reset the player and turn off the controller. When I start the controller again I have to point it to the player and then point it to the server (running on my MacBook) and after a little while it will find everything.

    Is this normal? Does turning off the server and network mean a reconfiguration of the system every time?

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    It doesn't matter the order you turn it off, but it could be that it has trouble finding things if you turn the squeezebox stuff on before your network is fully up.

    If your server is on a laptop, it may be that it is getting a different IP address between reboots.

    Why bother turning it off anyway?

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    I've been playing with this a lot more and found that there are two problems that I'm dealing with.

    1) My problem: On my OS X box, the remote network drive that contains my music does not mount automatically on reboot. I have to mount the drive. If I don't do that: no music.

    2) SqueeceCenter crashes whenever I click the "Stop Server" button. I forget the full error, but "mDNS..." something is crashing. Clicking on Start Server appears to launch the server and full functionality seems to be there except that there is no music from the stereo.

    As far as never turning it off... don't you ever have power outages or go on vacation?

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