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    Softsqueeze 3.7 Ogg + network latency issues

    I have a couple questions about Softsqueeze 3.7.

    1. does it natively support Ogg as a streamed format? I'm curious because I'm having bandwidth issues between my remote Softsqueeze instance and my server at home, and I was wondering if I could transcode down to 128-160Kbps Ogg on the fly to reduce bandwidth needs. Ogg sounds MUCH better than MP3 at low bitrates, so I'd prefer to use it if possible. (Also the CPU in my server is pretty ancient, so I usually have to tell it to use faster/worse algorithms for live transcoding.)

    2. I'm wondering if there's any possibility of a setting for Softsqueeze where it could grab as much of the file it's playing as possible ahead of time instead of doing continuous buffering of a couple seconds. My issues are with intermittent latency spikes, so if the app could start buffering the entire file this would greatly reduce skipping as long as my average throughput was still higher than the file's bitrate.

    2.5 When I increase the size of Softsqueeze's buffer, it becomes obvious that the spectrum analyzer output is displaying what Softsqueeze is currently receiving over the network, NOT what it is currently outputting over the computer's sound system.

    3. When network latency gets bad, often the UI on the Softsqueeze will get severely out of sync to the point where I have to quit the application and restart it because it will not recover. I will hit the pause button and the sound stops, but the spectrum analyzer will keep playing and Squeezecenter may think that the player is not paused. Clearly there are messages getting lost or discarded and Softsqueeze+Squeezecenter are not recovering from this. Also, sometimes the web interface in Squeezecenter fails to update when I try to control the player using it, and the player won't respond.

    Any suggestions or tips on these issues, and/or suggestions to file bug reports would be appreciated. I'm running Softsqueeze 3.7 on OS X and Squeezecenter 7.2 on Debian etch.

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    I had alot of problem with softsqueeze I found another player called squeezeslave. http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=54124

    It seem to work much better on my system (ubuntu). You will not get a GUI so you are forced to use the webinterface as GUI.

    I think that I read somewhere that the controller code could be used as a player. I didn't manage to get this working, After I manage to compile it it wanted to connect to a Receiver... It might have to do that I used 7.2 and not the latest (7.3) stuff, but I didn't try to much...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zingo View Post
    I had alot of problem with softsqueeze I found another player called squeezeslave. http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=54124
    Unfortunately, there's not an OSX binary available.

    Perhaps you could create one from the source. I'd be happy to help out as I've been looking for someone with a Mac to create such a binary for release on the sourceforge site.


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