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    Smile Squeezebox and Twonky on Qnap interaction?

    I bought Squezebox Boom and installed SqueezeCenter 7.2-22900 on Qnap T109II.
    When I launch my D-Link DSM-520 Media Player and try to play video from Qnap as well (streamed by Twonky Media Server) the video is freezing every couple of seconds. My investigation discovered that when SqueezeBox is switched off the streaming works fine. On the other hand when video is played and Squeezebox is plugged in (standby) there are intermittent messages on its display about disconnections. I am not trying to run both in the same time even if I expect it should be possible. It seems that there is some network traffic that interacts with streaming even if SB is in standby mode.
    Same streaming port? Does somebody know what is going on?
    Thanks for any help.


    New foundings:
    MAC address of video player DSM-520 which should be registered on Twonky server is replaced from time to time with MAC address of Squeezebox. It can be found on TwonkyMedia Configuration page. IP address and hostname is showed correctly as it should be for DSM-520.It seems that Squeezebox is reregistering as client of Twonky media even if UPnP support is disabled on it.

    Sorry, my mistake. I found that there is an IP adressing conflict. Squeezebox Boom got the same static IP address as it was assigned to my Video player two years ago. Now both work great!
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