I've had my SQBox for two weeks or so and found it dropping out after a few hours. I did the following:

On the router I set port forwarding to the ports that the server uses. - see your help docs

I got higher gain antennas for both the router and SQBox

I use XP - so I set the server in services to real time and gave processing to background apps

If your wireless - don't use your cordless telephone - that holds true to any 2.4 wireless device

If your having trouble with a few or more mp3 files, reorganize them and be sure you point to the proper paths in the server app. I've installed iTunes cause it integrated seamlessly with the server software; however I have now become a huge fan of iTunes. Simply better, faster, cleaner and its interface is easier to navigate and understand. If you are still having a problem - convert your music lib to the same bitrate setting, reorganize etc.

Keep bitrate to 0 in the server app - otherwise the server app will not serve up songs under or over your selected bitrate.

Update your network card software, router software to current versions along with any critical service packs

Be sure all mp3 files and directories have proper permissions if using XP

I agree the SB wireless music device has a great remote for distance only and the pretty blue light. But when I look at the SQBox scroll I seem to forget all about the SB and thank the folks at SQBox for producing an open source, superior, plays well with others appliance. What a concept!

After I did the above SQbox hasn't presented any problems using XP - linksys router, dell box