I'm a complete newbie to linux but I've managed to turn an old laptop to a media server.

Everything except the firewall works fine (samba,ssh,sc,VNC, transmission (torrent))

I have the following ufw configuration:

Firewall loaded

To Action From
-- ------ ----
22:tcp ALLOW
22:udp ALLOW
9000:tcp ALLOW
9000:udp ALLOW
135:tcp ALLOW
137:udp ALLOW
138:udp ALLOW
139:tcp ALLOW
445:tcp ALLOW
5900:tcp ALLOW
5900:udp ALLOW
9090:tcp ALLOW
9090:udp ALLOW
Anywhere ALLOW
51413:tcp ALLOW Anywhere
9091:tcp ALLOW
9091:udp ALLOW

If I cancel the open all port rule :

Anywhere ALLOW

Squeezecenter will not find the squeezebox but I can still access squeezcenter by the web server.

Does squeezecenter need other ports to be open ?