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    NAS advice on SB3 please - Thecus/TS109


    I've had a SB3 for some time now and really need to connect to a NAS, i know there are a lot of ways to do this but just need to know which is best.

    I currently have a Thecus N2100 which i believe i can install Debian onto and then install the Perl package of SC7 but i'm not sure how the Thecus lives up to the job performance wise?

    It seems the Qnap TS109 now fully supports SC7 so perhaps this is the best option to go with..

    Does anybody have SB3 up and running with the Thecus and can recommend going this way or is Qnap TS109 the best way to go??


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    There are certainly a number of Thecus owners on this forum, however I don't know if any of them use the N2100 to run the server software. Hopefully someone will pipe up Performance is certainly not an issue with the N5200Pro. I believe the main difference is memory and cpu speed - not sure if this is a show-stopper. If you've already got the Thecus, why not give it a try? Saves investing in a new NAS box? It's straightforward enough to install.

    You might find the following links to be useful:
    but note that this appears to be out of date when compared to:
    which is aimed at N5200Pro users.

    You may also wish to read the following item:

    Doesn't answer your question directly, but hopefully of help.
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    Thanks for the info, i enquired further regarding the Qnap TS109 and was told this is very sluggish with Squeezecenter and was told that Tranquil PC T2 performs extremely well. This seems a little pricey though.

    I think i will install Debian on my Thecus N2100 and see how that lives up to the job.

    I hear that SB3 will support UPNP in the future, am i right in assuming that when this is implemented in the firmware that i can connect directly to a NAS which supports UPNP without the need for SC?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I dont think the module thats compiled for the 5200 will run on the 2100 as they are different arechitecrues. I dont think anyone has compiled SC to run on a 2100 either so you may have to be extremely handy to build it yourself. I could be wrong but I'd check the Thecus wiki and see. (Hope Im wrong

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