As an exercise in using sockets in C, I've written a little utility: SCCLITool.

SCCLITool.exe: communicates with SqueezeCenter via the CLI.

Synatx: SCCLITool.exe <clicommand> [cli args..] [-w secs] [-v] [-q] [-t]
      [-h hostname] [-p portnum]

        -w  wait between send and receive.
        -v  verbose mode.
        -q  quiet mode.
        -t  translate percent encoded output.
        -h  hostname or ip addr [defaults to]
        -p  portnum [defaults to 9090]

Example: Get the server status in human readable form:

  SCCLITool.exe serverstatus -t -h scipaddr -p 9090

Example:  Get all the albums in genre 4:

  scclitool albums 0 9999 genre_id:4 -h scipaddr -p 9090
Full source code included in the zip.