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    Wrong sort order - SqueezeCenter (with SSOTS) on QNAP 509 Pro

    Hello all,

    I have just started using SqueezeCenter (version 7.2 official release) on my new QNAP 509 Pro.

    But I see major problem with the sort order under "Album" and "Genres".

    It is totaly mixed with no order at all, if I choose the letter "G" under ALbums I get the following list:
    - Gorillaz
    - La Revance del Tango
    - The Message
    - Fuzzy
    - American Idiot
    - Dookie
    - Bee Thousands

    Same under Genres, I choose the letter "M":
    - Motown
    - Hardcore Punk
    - Chillout
    - Grunge
    - Blue Grass

    Have anyone seen this bug before??

    Artist are correct listed and works as it should.

    Have been running SqueezeCenter on a ReadyNAS NV+ and also on my PC before and have not seen this issue then with the exact same music library.
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    Have you double checked that you dont have any of those genres in a different tag version?

    I know I had issues in the past with SC where in some cases it would read V1 info in other places V2. So while I thought everything was straight until I got all tags correct under one version I had issues.

    It may be reading V1 but displaying V2 or some such......doesnt make much sense since it didnt do it before but check and see whats disoplayed as chillout under M and see if there isnt conflicting tag info.

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    No I dont think so, have played around alot with my music library and tested alot of different musicmanager and never seen this behaviour before.

    85-90% of my music libaray was also retagged with new albumart 4-5 month ago.

    And as I said, it works just fine on the ReadyNAS NV+. Have the exact same data on both of my NAS devices. If I connect to the ReadyNAS everything looks ok but if I connect to the QNAP the sorting under "Album" and "Genres" are totaly wrong.

    Have alos tried later nightly builds of 7.2 and also 7.3 nightly build but nothing helps.

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    Just found this in the F.A.Q on SSODS/SSOTS webpage:

    "Apparently, there is also a MySQL sort bug with certain versions of MySQL. It leads to wrong (random?) sort order of the Browse Genre list. Synology promised to fix it in an upcoming firmware release. It looks like the MySQL server that comes with SSODS is not affected. So you can fix it using this instead of the built-in server. However, please note that this may or may not work and may or may not have other side-effects. Officially, SSODS uses the built-in server. So, if it works, you are lucky, if not, your problem."

    This sound like the cause of the problem I see. But how can I fix it?????????

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    Ok, I think I can say that it is definatly a BUG in the MySQL Server that is included in the QNAP firmware.

    If I am not remembering wrong I saw te following in the SequeezeCenter scan logpage:
    MySQL-version: 5.0.51 (could be mistaken on the last number (51)

    What I did now was to follow instructions on SSODS/SSOTS webpage to use the MySQL version that was included in SSODS/SSOTS instead of using the one that is in the System (QNAP Firmware).

    And now it says:
    MySQL-version: 5.0.45

    What I did was the following in a telnet session to the QNAP 509:
    cd /volume1/SSODS/bin
    mv mysqld _mysqld
    ln -s /volume1/SSODS/libexec/mysqld .
    /volume1/SSODS/bin/ssctrl restart

    And after doing the above the sorting problem is gone, without doing anything more. did not have to rescan the music library it started to work at once.

    Have reported this on the QNAP forum, lets hopw that QNAP fixes this issue!

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    Thumbs up yep, me too. but now it's fixed!

    I'm a new SqueezeCenter (and Squeezebox Duet) user and I thought this was one more thing that I hadn't installed properly. Turns out to be a mysql bug of all things! I was using 5.0.51a and iirc from reading another forum's posts, was supposedly addressed in 5.0.52 (?)

    Anyway, I shut down everything, went ahead and upgraded to 5.0.67 and restarted everything. Lo and behold, Genre sort is correct. Hey, will this fix the goofy sort order that comes up under 'New Music' on my Duet controller? I guess I'll find out when I get home!

    thanks you guys for the tip!

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