If you happen to have Visual Studio .NET then there is full support in
the .NET framework for opening HTTP sessions without displaying a
browser window. The code you need goes something like this (in C#)...

--Tim Long

/// <summary>
/// Sends a command to the SLIMP3 web interface, and
returns the response. The command should not include any IP address or
FQDN. This is added automatically.
/// </summary>
private string SendCmd(string strCmd)
string strResponse = "Error";
string strWebCmd = "http://" +
m_strServer + "/" + strCmd;
Uri myUri =new Uri(strWebCmd);
// Create a new request to the above
mentioned URL.
WebRequest myWebRequest=
// Assign the response object of
'WebRequest' to a 'WebResponse' variable.
WebResponse myWebResponse =
Stream stmReply =
StreamReader sr = new
strResponse = sr.ReadLine();

catch (Exception ex)
return strResponse;

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> Subject: [slim] Controlling my slimp3 with the multimedia
> keys on my keyboard
> I've got one of those MS Multimedia keyboards that's got
> play/pause, stop, prev, and next buttons on it. It would be
> really cool if I could have them perform those commands on my
> slimp3 (the keyboard allows you to configure the keys to run
> arbitrary commands). Unfortunately this is complicated
> slightly by the fact that this keyboard is on a windows
> machine and the slimserver software is on a linux machine.
> I could just have them execute an http link that I can get
> from the slimserver web interface, but I'd really prefer to
> avoid having it launch a browser window to accomplish the
> task. Is there any solution for doing this currently?
> Alternatively, if it's not too complicated a task, I could
> program it in perl or c++ if someone could point me to the
> information I would need (or perhaps if there's no current
> solution I'll take this to the dev group).
> If anyone could provide some insight on this I would appreciate it!