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    Losing my mind...

    I've had the squeezebox duet for about 3 weeks now. I had been running slimserver/sqeezecenter for quite a while for remote streaming, so there was really little for me to do to set it up. It was fairly easy and really worked flawlessly (including the MiP mixes) for a week. I've had to exchange the remote because of a bad screen and nothing has worked correctly since...

    If I put the remote down and stop playing music for more than 20 min or so, the remote loses connection to the server (red light on the wifi strength indicator on the remote), but never my wireless. 50% of the time I have to shut the remote off and turn it on to have it connect (choosing player doesn't work). The other 50% of the time, I can actually browse and play music even the icon is still red--this never changes back to white either. Now I can't even reboot the remote--it gets hung on the "Goodbye" screen and I have to pull out the battery.

    Other problems: I can no longer use a password (it worked fine with my first remote) on Squeezecenter. This is a problem because I use it for remote streaming. It'll prompt me to enter username and password and then just go in a loop where it keeps asking me over and over until it hangs. Currently I'm not using a password at all. And finally, I'm able to make a single MiP mix. Every single mix I try to create pulls up and plays the first MiP mix I made--this occurs even if I clear the first mix.

    What's so frustrating is that this product really was working flawlessly, with the exception of a bad screen on the remote and now it's virtually unusable. I've also tried uninstalling both squeezecenter and MiP and doing a full scan which didn't help either (oh yeah, clear libary and rescan doesn't work either--I have to blow away the database manually.)

    Sqeezecenter Version 7.1-21511
    Remote Version 7.1 r2704 (just downloaded this morning, but the inability to shut down the remote remains)
    This is running on XP SP3

    Any help would be very appreciated.

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    It sounds like your Squeezebox Controller might be faulty. I'd contact support if I were you.

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    I was afraid of that...I now have two remotes here...tech support is going to kill me when I call them again

    Any thoughts on the MiP mix issue (playing the first mix I make over and over instead of making a new one)? That can't be a remote issue.

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    Losing my mind...

    Ultraviolet wrote:
    > I was afraid of that...I now have two remotes here...tech support is
    > going to kill me when I call them again

    Nah, but if you have got two lame Controllers, your luck is cursed.

    Pat Farrell

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    I have seen the exact same thing, where the wifi icon turns red and stays red (everything continues to work though...). powering off the remote results in a hang at the goodbye screen until you pull the battery.

    Have you reported this as a bug yet? ( I am very much doubtful this is a hardware problem )

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    I have not reported this as a bug yet--you're the first person I've heard of that's having this same issue.

    After a few more clean installs, my icon is still frequently red (I'd say even usually), but the music keeps playing and my MiP mixes work well so I'm going to leave it alone at this point. Something is definitely a bit off though. Also, as you described, rebooting the remote almost invariably leaves it hung at the Goodbye screen and I have to pull out the battery to get it back up.

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    I've had pretty much the same experience with my Controller. I absolutely cannot use it with a Receiver, because the whole shooting match falls over with constant issues with the Receiver not connecting to the server or the Controller not connecting to the Receiver, or both. With an SB3 in place of the Receiver I'm at least (most of the time) able to actually listen to some music. Inevitably though the Controller loses its connection to the SB3 and I have the pleasure of staring at either a red wireless signal indicator or the endless Please Wait cycle. I'm waiting on a replacement Duet to arrive and hopefully that will solve the problem, but my gut feel tells me it won't. What frustrates me most is the SB3, Transporter and every other wireless device in my house have no issues whatsoever using my Netgear WG102 WAP, yet the Receiver and Controller seem to have nothing but issues.

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