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    Soon to be Squeezeboxer has a question.

    Hello everyone. So I finally purchased a SB3 (after much deliberation between it and a Duet). It should arrive Monday the 25th. Anyways, in anticipation for its arrival, I set up SqueezeCenter. Pretty painless. Then I decided to see if it worked, so I tried streaming songs to my Foobar2000 application. It works, but when I play a song in SqueezeCenter, it takes nearly 10 seconds for audio to start playing in Foobar. Can I expect this same lag when playing songs with my SB3? Sorry if this has been asked a million times. I'm horrible at using search features.


    Edit: Yeah, so screwing around in SC I clicked on a help file and read this about remote streaming (I realize it's local, but that shouldn't matter in this case):

    "After a couple of seconds, you will hear music playing through the MP3 software player. (The delay is due to buffering in the MP3 player software.)"

    So yeah, I'm not expecting the lag. If anyone knows otherwise, don't ruin it for me. Let me be disappointed when the product arrives.
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